Property Consultant Service

“ Turn your Liability to be a Valued Asset. ”

Our team is highly experienced in the project management of people, infrastructure, communication and all material components to ensure timely outcomes of a high quality in all interactions between the developers, property owners, renters, buyers or investors.

We collate all information regarding demand and supply and analyse any marketing problems to find the best solutions for each segment such as customers needs, price points or location.

We act as the “representative” of property owners and buyers to make sure both sides achieve the best outcomes.

We are currently managing common area in the following areas:

The Niche project
Villa ONYX project
OXYGEN Villa project
Oxygen Condominium Bangtao project (Juristic Person)
Tara project

Kokyang Estate Phase II project
Saiyuan Estate project
Wings projectv
Saturdays Condo project

Member of The Attitude Club

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