About Us

Why Lemon Rabbit?

Lemon Rabbit, The property owner Representative and consultant, we have a simply vision “turn your liabilities to be a value Asset”

We work with passion and lots of realestate experience especially Phuket, as we are the professional local company.

We are not only working on customer want but we also working on customer insight, we answer “why” do they want to buy rent or invest in realestate and how we turn their realestate to be a value Asset. We working as a team together with realestate owner, customer as well as Co partner Agent. Also we are professional on Business Model analysis, branding and service design for seeking Value preposition for customer on their investment. Get to know more about us follow our Facebook: lemonrabbit or send us an email: sales@lemonrabbit.com

Whether you are looking to buy, sell, rent or looking to be a developer in Phuket, let Lemon Rabbit prove they are the best property consultant you’ve ever found.


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